Can you be Single and Happy?

Hey everyone! I’ve been away for what feels like forever – I told you guys before that blogtober took a lot out of me and I think it really drained me of whatever inspiration I had left. I like to blog about the world around me, and share some opinions on my own little platform. […]

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October Favourites!

  Well another month has ended, funny how that always happens. I’m sorry I haven’t been as active recently, blogtober really took it out of me. I can’t believe I managed to post 28 days out of the 31; not bad for a first attempt! I want to get back to posting content that I’m […]

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My Strictly Series – Week Seven

Hello strictly fans,   After a quick rest and a week away from blogging, I’m back! This week was another shocker, with more tens and still a few ‘4’s from Craig. All of which I think were undeserved, but we’ll get into that!   With the seventh episode of Strictly upon us, we’re starting to see […]

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Spooky Films!

Halloween has produced some terrifying horrors, but on the run up to the 31st I’m going to avoid having a heart attack and watch some spooky classics to get in the mood. If you haven’t seen any of these, you should definitely add them to your list! Addams Family This family is iconic. I’ve never […]

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The Truth About Acting

  To decide on a career involves a lot of consideration and research – and acting is no exception. If you want to perform for a living, then there are a few things you need to know. I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was a teenager and over the last few years I’ve […]

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The Power of Music

I’m a big music fan, songs and artists have always had the biggest impact in my life. It can express my emotions and help me process them when I can’t and each song is an art form. If I love a piece of music I usually have it on loop until I know it inside […]

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The Autumn Tag

Hello again!   Recently I was tagged by the lovely Finlay Grace Allan to complete the autumn tag! Be sure to take a look at her answers, and give her a follow!   What signifies the start of Autumn for you? Not to state the obvious, but the leaves falling and changing colour. I love […]

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My Bucket list!

While I appreciate those who can live in the moment, I think it’s important to have a bucket list. I wrote a few when I was younger and they were full of things that meant nothing to me. Travelling the world and buying a house, both lovely ideas – but for someone else. I actually […]

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